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Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, oldest known tree species in the world!


GBTI Differentiating Factors

Applying science to solve real world problems

Today's knowledge workers
GBTI is unique relative to other suppliers of technical services in:

Magic Green Button  The ability to rapidly deploy a small or large workforce of experienced specialists possessing a variety of proven technical and management skills.

Magic Green Button   The ability to rapidly ramp up and ramp down support levels based upon customer staffing requirements.

Magic Green Button   While knowledge and expertise of GBTI personnel exceeds that of many competitors, our rates are usually lower.

Magic Green Button   As a small company, GBTI strategic partnerships with Keystone International, Inc. and Infinite Contingencies Group International, providing ready and proven access to information and infrastructure support, broad talent within a variety of technical markets, and accessibility to new markets that would be inaccessible without teaming partners.

Magic Green Button   GBTI provides clients with single-point company access to a powerful technical workforce of knowledge workers without using a large hierarchical organization. With a small number of permanent employees, larger number of part-time personnel, and significant access to distributed, independent consultant Subject Matter Experts, we address client needs, even when fluid and dynamic, using management that work most efficiently in the rapidly-evolving Information Age.


7674 W. Lake Mead, Ste 109, Las Vegas, NV  89128
Phone 702-869-1024, Fax 702-869-0501
email Gary A. Van Valin: gary@greatbasintechnology.net